Back in Lisbon

We are back. Laura is off to the dentist and her studio. I’m exhausted. I pretend I’m not but I am. I’m even grumpy!! I’ll go out later in the afternoon to explore, but most of the day I journaled, I’ll do some laundry and then ventured out on my own.

I end up on a shaded bench in an area called Graca, that’s where I sat. I did try to sketch the tile building above. I tried. It was shady, I drank a ton of water and missed Laura. Isn’t that crazy how that goes? I’ve been with her a over a week and now I missed her.

Laura had decided to sell some of her things at a 3-day young Artist Market with her friend Sonia. I’m happy for her, really. She called me and wondered where I was, I told her about the bench. Laura suggested I go home and get out of the sun. I did. Here’s a part of my walk home.

The only regret I have is that I didn’t take myself out for dinner. My attitude caused me to miss some sardines. Yummy!

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    Paula Walborsky said,

    I feel badly about this but cannot get to โ€œyummy sardines โ€œ. I love anchovies, but sardines?Just say no.

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