Lisbon-Jamie really arrives.

Jamie really arrives and brings Christmas in May to Laura. Fun to watch. There’s no Amazon in Portugal and shopping is difficult so to have a suitcase of needs was a wonderful treat.

Jamie had rented an Air b&b for us so we moved in. We are now just up the street and up to the 4th floor. The views are awesome. Laura’s sweet little apartment can’t hold three so now we are neighbors. These pictures are taken out our windows.

We are moved in now and off on a walk to see more of Alfama, coffee and dinner in that order.

Pravda do Comercio. This waterside Plaza is just a public plaza (the water is behind me). Just curious I googled The Plaza and the only amenities listed was “good for kids”. 🇵🇹 Portugal values their children. Isn’t that interesting?

OK while I’m on this subject, at one restaurant we went to, on the menu there was this NOTE: We welcome children, they are not a nuisance to us. Laura affirmed. Isn’t that great, a country that values, loves and welcomes their children. Sorry I got side tracked.

I wish I had recorded all the different foods/fish, new experiences trying different foods. I do know we stopped for coffee with a pasteis de nata everyday and most often twice a day. AND we climbed up and down hills, did I mention that?

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    Paula Walborsky said,

    I love the colors! Blues and ochers and yellows. And I see the same colors in those pasteries!

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