Lisbon of course

I’m the one following Jamie and Laura. I’m always in the rear but surprisingly I do it. It is amazing. I stop at the bottom to look up….

then stop at the top to look down. I’m pretty sure that day Laura wanted to show Jamie some views so you have to go up for that. There is always a view!!

On the walk we will stop by to see Laura’s studio. This is the outside, the front door and sometimes they work out here if they need to. Very creative people work here. Laura found these women last year and they found Laura. That’s how the story began. Sometimes things just happen like that. It’s an amazing story that’s still evolving.

I’m going to end with this picture below. Isn’t this a lovely plant and flower sculpture? I think this day we stopped at a tile studio too. Let’s just say Jamie and I walked away with a bag each.

You know how when you go on a trip there is so much you want to remember? So much. I’m hanging on tight as I journal my memories. Thanks for joining me.

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    sheila365 said,

    Nasturtiums! Ours are blooming. :). Thanks to your gift of seeds. Nice views.

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