Lisbon – One of the favorite days!

This was one of my favorite days. It’s Tuesday and we leave on Friday. We were packing it in. Today may take two posts. Let’s see where it goes. Are you with me?

On Saturday and Tuesday mornings in Alfama there is this huge Flea Market. This picture is just a glimpse of one vendor. Laura speaks Portuguese, we let her close the € deal. We are moving on, we are taking the train to Belem.

Belem is famous for Pasteis de Belem, a large bakery shop (seats 400 people) which features the claimed BEST pastel de nata.

We had lunch too, after eating like first things first, Jamie headed to the National Coach Museum, a carriage museum which is one symbol for the Age of Discovery. Laura and I went to the Centro Cultural de Belem who was featuring the artist M.C. Escher.

Met up with Jamie, she and Laura went to tour the Jeronimios Monastery, I went to a park to tour a bench. Get it?

Train trip home, tonight we will attend a production at the beautiful Carlo Archaeological Museum in Lisbon. It is the ruins of the Carmo which made a unique and spectular backdrop literally under the stars.

What a day with my daughters. What a life time memory for us. Love.

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