Lisbon-Last Day and it’s Raining

Our first rainy day, our last day, who cares. Our hearts are full, but I’m feeling the good-bye around the corner and I’m trying to keep my chin up. Laura still has places she wants us to see, here we go, we are right behind her.

This pic is outside our kitchen window. Yikes!

A favorite spot of mine at Principe Real Park, centuries-old trees provide shelter under this natural + man-made trellis.

A closer look at these young beauties! It’s raining but who really cares.

Look at the foot of the street. Trolleys lift people up and down on this slope. Closed today won’t you know it.

Now to the Parque Edwardo IIV memorial gardens finding more beauty in the area and in our hearts.

On to dinner with Laura’s friends and now our friends where we have the sweetest kindred spirit one with another.

Sharing stories (I’m not sure all the Portuguese and we understood each other), all the laughs we did understand. The gifts we received….

…the love and friendship…

…and the singing, dancing and more laughing. Thanks new friends, thanks loving daughters who have traveled life with me. I love the journey and you. Now here’s the street farewell dance one from Jamie and one from Laura. Let the laugher and dancing continue.

Oh the joy you bring to me! Thank you.

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