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Sail On Sister

Even though I only get to sail occasionally I really see and feel how one can connect. I have my favorite captains, Monte and Sheila coaching me.

They use my language for understanding then they would patiently throw in theirs which helped me learn. Yesterday was perfect, I even had moments that I relaxed in the wind and in the movement of the boat. I was pleased with my strength to move that big boat in the wind and follow their commands. I was focused. I felt strong and powerful. OK I’m getting alittle carried away.

The Nirvana is a beautiful boat they’ve own for 7 years. Lake Travis is their lake in Austin, TX. Monte and Sheila are amazing and I’m proud of this family of mine.

Turn in tomorrow. I’ll show boats Monte has built.

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Spring again

Seems this sight never changes year after year, it’s where I eat my breakfast and drink my coffee. My breakfast and the view remains the same. I wish you could hear these joyful birds, they are always here too.

I sit on this little love seat at the foot of my back door. I recall how I’ve taken this same picture many times during many seasons.

What seems like the same is still different. Everything is different, I know I’m different, I’ve changed with the seasons.

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New Potting Table

Yesterday, out of the blue Dan shows up with a new potting table he built for me. It is so beautiful. My other one was so used and rotten, Dan noticed and surprised me. I was surprised!

This is his mom, Diane. This is not the first time their acts of kindness have demonstrated acts of kindness. I’m thankful.

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Corn Maze Adventure

This one was at Dixon, CA. A 40 acre experience.

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New Adventure

Yes it is, it is not that exciting, but it is an adventure for me. YOU ARE HERE (as the map in a shopping mall would say). My living room, the front picture window, my sofa, my feet. I’m here resting, taking the RICE approach and loving the only left knee I have. 💟

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Crepe Making

Frankie is getting his Strawberry (basic) Crepe ready to eat. Everyone loves them. Recipe we used?

In a blender, 4 eggs, 1 1/2 cups milk, 3 T soft butter, 1 cup flour, 1/2 t salt. That’s it. Small hot skillet and sprinkle powdered sugar.

Life is good. 😄

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4th of July Cutie!

Adelle was voted (by me):

“July 4th Cutie”

Love, Oma

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