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Lauren Tudor


Yes, it is Lauren not Laurence.  I sure hope the guys in the Camellia Club didn’t see that error.  They might ask for the resignation of my membership!

This bloom is even more beautiful today, isn’t it?

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Laurence Tudor



My first camellia blooming this year is on a young new bush I planted last year.  A Lauren Tudor is known for its huge pink blossoms with red dots.  My camera is nearly on the ground as the bloom is so heavy.
My yard has many, many camellias trees, they are the old varieties types without names. 

Now camellia plants have names.  Meet Lauren Tudor probably named for the person who grafted the original. 

I belong to the Tallahassee Camellia Club, now that is a group who could tell you more about camellias.  Oh my.  I just like how they look like a rose, how they pack the trees with beautiful color and they appear right in the middle of winter.  Amazing how nature provides this with or without a pretty name.

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